Shorncliffe's Misty Morning

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Unlike Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane has a smaller population density and larger natural areas. Moving to Brisbane from Hong Kong for 2 years, I have learned to slow myself down, to love nature, and to spend quality time with friends. Dana and I are newbies to Brisbane. She has been here for only 7 months and I love her Canadian accent. On a cloudy morning in winter, Dana and I drove to Shorncliffe pier to take photos and spend a nice morning in the natural breeze. We enjoy doing creative things together and appreciate the wonderful world God has created for us.

Shorncliffe pier is a popular tourist spot in Brisbane's Moreton Bay region, connected to Sandgate Lovers' Run. Comparing to the pier in Wellington Point, Shorncliffe pier is much longer and wider. The pier is very white and clean, and many people go fishing in the middle of the pier where a pavilion is located. For shady locations such as the pavilion and under the trees, I used a shutter speed of 250, ISO of 400, an aperture of 2.5 for portraits and landscapes. For outdoor, overexposed locations, I kept the aperture the same and set the shutter speed to 2500 while the ISO to 100.

The pebble beach was my favourite scenic spot since it was a natural formation. I was inspired by Sorelle Amore and other travel influencers' photos, I wish I could take travel photos that showed the dreamy lifestyle that everybody wants to have. In fact, those photos turned out just like what I have expected. I was very excited because I haven't been taking natural light portraits for so long, plus I love travelling, it was a remarkable experience. One thing about travel influencers is they don't need to travel overseas or to another city to get good content. I stay in Brisbane and Brisbane is big enough for me to travel around and there are plenty of scenic spots to explore. I can also drive to Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast if I really want to travel further. This explains if uni students want to travel around but worry about their expenses. 99% of the travel influencers have their full-time jobs to sustain their dreams. We all don't have a lot of time and money to travel around the world luxuriously, so the gram is not always the "dream" we see. The reality is, we need to work hard to get what we have and be grateful for what the Lord has given us.

I really recommend visiting Shorncliffe pier and the Lovers' Run. Dana and I had a great time in nature, feeling the breeze and breathing the fresh, clean, morning air. The birds were beautiful and had a lot of variety. Dana took a lot of animal pictures. We will plan to go to other natural areas in Southeast Queensland with our friends and spend quality time again.


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