InstaGrowth Boss is just...Wow!

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Joining InstaGrowth Boss has given me a thrilling journey to my photography business and personal brand. I earned my first 4 figures by starting a portrait photography service as a 19-year-old in 2018, and expanded my service from shooting models and actors to companies and brands. I cannot imagine a little girl like me would move from Hong Kong to Brisbane alone, would start a business, and would be successful -- all because of Elise Darma's InstaGrowth Boss.

InstaGrowth Boss changed my Instagram game, 180 degrees!

My main Instagram page was once full of ghost followers and bots...up to 10.2k followers! But I usually got less than 100 likes per post. Since Instagram has changed its algorithm, I did not have any hope for my page. In 2017, I decided to remove all spam followers one by one, and down to 1500 followers. This number remained still for at least a year until I joined InstaGrowth Boss in September 2018. 100 new followers came to my page each week, now I have 4.5k genuine followers and I started to hit 200 likes per post. Genuine comments started to flood into my page. I was shocked because random people in the creative industry started to approach me for collaboration and were interested in my photography services, which I started in mid-2018 from scratch. I have collaborated with people with more than 100k followers, have published my work on multiple fashion magazines, have been invited to be a photographer for a charity fashion show, and now being a part of an Australian enterprise as an event photographer.

What surprised me (and scared me) was people started to know more about what I do, and sometimes, strangers came to me and asked, "How's Emz Imagery been?" or "I know someone who went to the same film set as you.". I have mentioned about my talent agency but I have not posted anything about acting. People started to have interest in what I have been doing, and that helped my business to grow. I am humble for what I have achieved, and much thanks to Elise Darma and her guide on how to promote my skills and passion on Instagram, providing value to others.

Not sure if this is for you, but I'd hate for you to miss out!

I had an amazing 8 months after joining InstaGrowth Boss, and it all starts with this FREE MASTERCLASS. This class is so powerful and it makes me crave for more from Elise Darma.

You will be amazed by how we can use Instagram to attract real-life clients and opportunities instead of numbers on the screen.

How would you feel if, in 12 months time, you are faced with the first world problem of not knowing where to Travel to next, because you can go anywhere as your business thrived on social media and you have the freedom to quit your 9-5?

Just imagine if in a week you received a highly paid client from your Instagram inbox!

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The good news is

This MASTERCLASS was how I kicked start my business and it has been a blessing for my past experiences. On a scale of 1-10, how much you are wishing to earn more sales by simply sharing your business and passions online? And it is easy because InstaGrowth Boss is approved by all students of the course! Join the MASTERCLASS and I am excited to read your testimony!


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